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 illmatic here (illmatic123)

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PostSubject: illmatic here (illmatic123)   Tue Dec 06, 2011 7:21 pm

i go by illmatic nt ilmmatic123 i jux had to put dat hahah
bt ma name is alejandro, um i used to play wen i was little n den i quit n started playin agen i jux gt bak in2 it lik i think 2 yrs now...
im pretty good... im easy going n lik to laff.....
im also the leader of the water dorm
im on pretty often durin da week n weekends on n off depends wat im doing... bt i enjoy good duels n love to hav fun n i run water decks n lots other n dats basically me...
if u wana tlk or anythin ima good listener jux pm or wat evr
so yuh..

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illmatic here (illmatic123)
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