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 Difffrent Deck Strategies Class #2

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PostSubject: Difffrent Deck Strategies Class #2   Wed Dec 21, 2011 9:30 pm

Topic: Lightsworn!

The strategies of Lightsworn decks are easy. You want to try to get alot of youy monsters in the grave. Thought this sounds weird its true. Many lightsworn decks run the monster Judgement Dragon. With this card you can almost win the duel with no problem. This card can basically be the reason you win. This deck also will run the card Wulf, Lightsworn Beast. With its ability it will obviously work in this deck. It cant be discared from the deck because when discared it gets special summoned. On the flip side it cant be special summoned. Other strategies are to combine it with dark monsters for a twilight deck where you can use chaos cards such as, Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beggining, or Chaos Sorcerer.
A Some bad parts of this deck are you can deck out easily. You can mill some valuable catrds that you would use. Its hard to maintain throughout unless you know what you are doing. The mills require alot of luck. This is it for class 2.
Next week I will have the Rabbit Dino starategy I hope.
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Difffrent Deck Strategies Class #2
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